Growers and Packers


Poppe Landbouw

Poppe Landbouw, farm of the Poppe family from Nagele, grows onions, carrots, seed potatoes and wheat. Last year they invested in a new and state-of-the-art facility for the longterm (mechanical) storage of onions, carrots and potatoes.
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Sjaak Twisk

Sjaak Twisk has a Demeter certificate besides his organic certificate. In the summer his cows graze in the adjoining nature reserve. In the winter they are housed in the stables which have recently been rebuilt and have solar cells on the roof. These solar cells provide a sizeable chunk of the energy used on the farm. Sjaak Twisk is specialised in the long term (mechanical) storage of onions and shallots, which requires quite a bit of energy.

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Dennis van de Weerd

Dennis van de Weerd’s farm is just outside Lelystad in the Flevopolder. He grows carrots, leeks, potatoes, black salsify and orange and green squash.
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