Bioport supplies organic potatoes, vegetables, onions and fruit in Europe to clients in industry and to a wide range of fresh-market customers.

Packers for supermarkets

Bioport supplies various products such as carrots, onions, potatoes, leeks, brassica’s and cabbage to packers for supermarkets in England, Scandinavia, France and Germany.

For these clients it is very important that they are assured of a constant supply of high quality product. Bioport achieves this by working with a regular group of growers who are aware of the quality that these packers require.


Box schemes

A very interesting group of customers for Bioport are the box schemes at home and abroad. Like other customers they require a steady and reliable supply of good quality product. And they also source lesser know vegetable and potatoe varieties in order to surprise their customers. These box schemes are an important customer of the socalled ‘forgotten vegetables’ as grown by Dennis van de Weerd and Arenosa.




Bioport supplies fresh product and deepfrozen IQF product from Dutch growers to the canning, baby food and deep-frozen industry.



Wholesale companies

Organic wholesale companies at home and abroad are an imporant and growing group of customers for Bioport. We deliver a broad spectrum of fresh organic product, loose and pre-packed directly from the growers. For wholesalers supplying restaurants, schools and caterers we have semi prepared product such as pealed onions packed in vacuüm bags.