Aim and mission statement

The aim of Bioport BV is to organize the transport and sale of our grower’s products as efficiently as possible

Bioport works closely together with about 45 growers from Holland and Belgium. Nearly all these growers are fully organic.

Bioport organizes the transport and sale of our grower’s products. Our aim is to do that efficiently and with as little fuss as possible for our clients and for our growers. In that way the growers can get to do what they are good at – growing good and tasty crops.

  • We aim to achieve a ‘fair’ price, a price that works both for customers and growers.  So that customers can afford to go on buying and growers receive enough to continue farming.
  • We aim for transparancy in what we do and how we work. We like our growers to know where their products are going and who’s buying them and at what price.
  • Bioport founders choose to trade in organically grown product because of the sustainable methods of production and the contribution organic agriculture makes to animal welfare and to the preservation of the environment.