Organic onions from the 2015 harvest still being exported

Even though new crop organic onions from Egypt have been around for several weeks now, there are still Dutch organic onions from the 2015 harvest being sold in Holland.

That’s very good news for several Dutch growers who, at the end of May, still had quite large stocks available in their cold stores.

The Dutch organic red and brown onions are used mainly for export to foreign wholesale companies. Most of the organic onions that are now being traded in Holland come from various farms in Egypt and are imported by Dutch trading companies.

The fact that Dutch organic onions can be stored for so long is due to the up-to-date storage facilities Dutch organic growers have invested in, like the facilities at NZ27, a grower in the village Zeewolde, in the Flevopolder (see photo below).

New storage facility for onions at NZ27

New storage facility for onions at NZ27