Superfood – that’s how organic kale is seen by many today

Kale combined with mashed potatoes and sausage was – and still is – a staple part of the winter menu in Dutch households.

However nowadays organic kale is seen more and more as a superfood and used in alot of different ways. See for example the Good Food website where it is recommended as an alterternative to basil in Italian sauce (“This leafy green cabbage-like vegetable is a geniune superfood – it’s great whizzed up in place of basil in an Italian sauce”). In the Good Food magazine you’ll also find a pasta recipe for kale combined with chilli and mascarpone and a recipe for a kale and goat’s cheese frittata.

Kale is also used in the blender (or in the Magic Bullet, the new super blender) to make healthy juices together with other ingredients.

Kale scores high on vitamine and iron content and that goes a long way in explaining the increased demand for organic kale this year.

We are supplying packers for supermarkets in Denmark with organic kale from four Dutch growers: Reinder de Jong, In de Wind, Vollenberg and Bio Brothers.

They had planned organic kale with their own growers in Denmark but this year demand was alot higher than what had been planned with domestic growers.

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Organic kale

Organic kale

boerenkool in bakken