Problems with supply of organic products

While the cold weather is delaying the start of the new season, an increasing number of products are no longer avaialable.

Organic red onions, celeriac, red cabbage and carrots from Holland are practically unavailable at the moment. This with the exception of the organic red onions that were contracted before the start of the season.

Usually we would expect import from Egypt, Israƫl, Spain and Italy to fill the gap. But there have been problems there as well this year. Residues in Egyptian organic potatoes and a slow start to Italian and Spanish supply of carrots.

Organic red onions from Egypt are expected to arrive in Holland at the end of next week (23rd / 24th Aprl).

The new season in Holland is being delayed by the cold weather. In the first week of May 2014 organic pakchoi, rubarb and Chinese leaf cabbage were available for export. This year the season looks to be starting one or two weeks later.

The photograph below taken this week in the South-East of Holland (Limburg) shows how the organic spinach is doing.

First signs of organic spinach

First signs of organic spinach