• Sjaak Twisk

    Innovation, Solar energy

    Sjaak Twisk has a Demeter certificate besides his organic certificate. In the summer his cows graze in the adjoining nature reserve.

  • Arenosa

    Innovation, Vegetables we've forgotten

    Arenosa is run by Jan van Geffen and his son Sam. They were amongst the first farmers who settled in the Flevopolder, a reclaimed and very fertile part of Holland.

  • Dennis van de Weerd

    Innovation, Vegetables we've forgotten

    Dennis van de Weerd’s farm is just outside Lelystad in the Flevopolder. He grows carrots, leeks, potatoes, black salsify and orange and green squash.

  • Aaldering Bio-Ui

    Aaldering Bio-Ui is a Skal and BRC certified grading and packing staion for onions and shallots where they work exclusively with organically grown product.

  • Poppe Landbouw


    Poppe Landbouw, farm of the Poppe family from Nagele, grows onions, carrots, seed potatoes and wheat.